Just a FEW of the many emails we've received from our devoted listeners ~~

I want to thank you and your staff for putting together such a fabulous show in tribute to Patti Page on her birthday. I was just blown away. Your selection of songs was amazing. You really touched on all parts of her career. I know Patti was moved by this and will no doubt listen over and over again. Patti is such a wonderful person and deserves all the love her family, friends and fans give her.  The best tribute ever for an American Icon!

Michael J. Glynn, Manager to Patti Page ~~ Mixed Media Entertainment, Inc.


WOW & WOW,,,What a SUPERB tribute you all put on for "The Singing Rage", Miss Patti Page's 84th birthday on November 8th. The interview with Patti, well wishes from her family, friends, fans and other singers were awesome. The Patti Page songs you played will forever be classics. So I say, GREAT JOB many thanks to all of you at Baltimore Net Radio.

Rene E. Paquette ~~ Miss Patti Page Fan Club President


What pleasure listening to BNR's tribute to Patti Page. The comments and well wishes to her confirmed my perception of her as a very gracious, talented lady who has always known what things really count in life. She is one of a kind and America has been very fortunate to have her as its own!   Congratulations to everyone at the station!

Gabe Temesvari - Massachusetts


I want to thank you for the wonderful tribute to MIss Patti Page on her birthday.
You programmed some great songs and I was especially impressed that you included selections recorded from 1947 to 2008.  Thanks again for a wonderful tribute to my favorite singer of all time.  Patti was and still is a great favorite throughout the world.

Bill Busse


Thank you so very much for the love that you showed to Patti Page on her birthday yesterday.

Patricia Fine ~~ Florida

Thanks for the wonderful tribute to Patti Page, a very deserving lady! The program was well executed, and very appropriate tracks were used of this talented singer. Also, thank you very much for the mention of the CD box set - NEAR TO YOU: Celebrating a Career...Defining Class - which I recently produced for Jasmine Records, London, England.  All the very best to all associated with this production...and may God continue to bless all of you. 

Robert Nickora


Thanks a million for your great programming and everything you did for the Patti Page birthday celebration. Now I am a fan of your station (even though I am in Florida). I will be listening via my computer.

Carol Meyer ~~ Florida


THANK YOU for your wonderful 'Happy Birthday' tribute in honor of Patti Page.
You're programmers offered up a much deserved homage to a long-neglected music icon.  As I said previously,  Patti is truly the First Lady of popular music...bar none.  She was the first with vocal over-dubbing.  The first female vocalist to take Country Music to the extent that it crossed over into the popular music field.   Tennessee Waltz is second only to White Christmas in record sales.   No matter who may come after, Patti Page will remain:  The First Lady of Popular Music!  Your recognition of her many, many  professional achievements on her Birthday was appreciated by me and, of course, her many, many fans, believe me.    Again, THANK YOU!  

Michael McGarr ~~ A Patti Page fan, always


Thank you for celebrating Patti Page's birthday and helping make it special for her. You are appreciated. 

Virginia Vogt ~~ Texas


I really enjoyed your tribute to Patti Page. It was wonderful!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the effort that went into it and how much it must have meant to Patti. You guys did an absolutely great job!!! Thank you!

Jean Martin


I would like to thank all of you for all the work that was put into Patti's Tribute.  I have known Patti for over thirty Years.  If you look up "nice" in the  dictionary, everything listed under it is Patti Page.    I founded the Patti Page Appreciation Society in 1985 with Patti's blessing.

Robert Bowling


Thanks to all who called in and emailed for the birthday celebration for Patti Page on Baltimore Net Radio! I know Patti listened and was so moved by all her friends, fans, celebrities, and family who called and emailed and spoke about her. God bless you all for taking time to let her know how you feel.  This has been my dream to honor her in such a way and thanks for helping me make it happen and to Baltimore Net Radio and my new friends Diane, Mary Anne and Keith love you guys and my best friend Beth Filiciotto whom i adore and love and to her many friends,  fans, and Patti's family...I know you made Patti s 84th birthday very memorable for her.  
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Marilyn Sutherland ~~ Hot Springs, Arkansas


Thanks so much for your special Patti Page birthday show!

Dave Rossi ~~ Palm Springs, CA


I am very thrilled you honored Patti Page on her birthday. She is the greatest ever!

Kay ~~ Utah


Photo compliments of Alie Smit ~~ The Netherlands


To everyone at Baltimore Radio... Thank you so much for all the beautiful music that you have played today...I only wish I could have sat for the whole of 24 hours listening to Johnny Mathis!!!  We are so looking forward to him coming to the UK on the 12th October!!!!

Lots of love Carol Briers ~~ England

Hello to my favorite radio station!  What a great way to celebrate the birthday of the best singer in the world...my idol, Johnny Mathis!  Loving your tribute to John. We love you, John, and can't wait to see you here in October. I'm going to all three concerts...what a treat! 

Best wishes from across the pond! Geraldine x


You've scored again - and we say Thumbs Up to Baltimore Net Radio for once more paying tribute to the one and only JOHNNY MATHIS.  We thank you and want you to know your station is truly our salute, too, to Johnny on his day!  Celebration of Friends (COF) sends their love and
thanks to Johnny for his many years of beautiful music.  Happy Birthday Johnny.  We will see
you in concert in November following our theme "76 Trombones Led The Big Parade" ...all the
way to Branson, Missouri...your fans from England, Brazil, Michigan, New York, Georgia, Minnesota, California, Nevada, Kansas, Florida, Illinois, Arkansas and Arizona eagerly await your concerts November 18 and 19 for our belated birthday celebration luncheon and reunion.  Today...we join your friends at Baltimore Net Radio in its timely salute to you!
Evelyn Browne  ~~ Michigan & Arizona


Dear Baltimore Net Radio...I'm listening to last week's "Visit With Connie Francis" as hosted by Ken Slavin (for the fifth time.)  You absolutely cannot overdose on Connie Francis music.  Thank you again and again.

Marcia ~~ Baltimore, Md


A beautifully designed photo from Alie Smit in The Netherlands

Happy Birthday Wishes Alie...from all of us at Baltimore Net Radio!


To Gabe, today's guest host.......... Wow!  Thank you Gabe.

Love ~~ Marcia from Baltimore

I enjoy listening to your station. You play all the music which is sadly rarely found on other stations. Please continue the great work. By the way, the last few "Visit with Connie Francis" shows were amazing! What a beautiful voice....

Ken K.

Hi, I have just found online your radio station. It is incredible, am I dreaming? It's now in my 'favourites'. I also love Doris Day. 

Thanks and best regards, Vaclav Tom Slajer ~~ Montreal (a Canadian of Czech origin)

Connie brings people together from all over the world with her warmth and talent and deep appreciation for her Fans.  We are "Family"!  Thanks again for this wonderful tribute to and for Connie, a woman loved and admired globally. I look forward to hearing more of your broadcasts.

Sincerely, Jean C ~~ New York


Dear Baltimore Net Radio, thank you so much for the Doris Day special. I'm a new fan of Baltimore Net Radio and I give special wishes to you!! 

Thank you, Nicole Bloecker ~~ Germany

Awesome Doris Day Birthday show!  Thanks for doing these tributes!  Also love your station's music and I will be a regular.

 Thanks again,  Vicki ~~ Crosby Texas

Thank you so much for celebrating Doris Day's birthday via your broadcast. I enjoyed it very much and really appreciated the lovely music that you played (some of which I had never heard before) and I also enjoyed all of the interviews - they were wonderful. Also thank you for reading out my email. Once again thanks heaps and I hope you will do the same next year.

 Robyn Skaar ~~ Queensland Australia


A big THANK YOU for honoring our favorite singer of all time...Miss Connie Francis.  I do not get to hear it on Thursdays when it originally airs because of my work schedule, so I try to be home on Sat. evenings when it is repeated In Nashville at 7pm.  I am very fortunate and proud to call Connie my friend and be a part of her life.

You are all the best, Glennise P. ~~ Tennessee


Really enjoyed your Doris Day show today....but then I enjoy all of them.. I also loved the song selections, especially "Showtime" which is a really great song that should be one of those theme songs of Broadway.  It's a great network and you can be very proud of what you are doing in bringing such a great range of really ageless songs to today's listening audience.
Keep up the great work and thank you once again.  
My best, Paul Brogan ~~ Concord, NH


Many thanks for your wonderful selection on the Bobby Darin Broadcasts. I just loved it all and am hoping you will replay at some other time so I can organize other family members to listen. Once again thank you for your work. 

Regards, Judy McRae ~~ Sydney, Australia

Hi, I want to thank all the members of your radio station for the excellent work on my own and on behalf of my colleagues working in an office, a small company. All day I spend at the computer, often listen to your radio station.  Always interesting to hear what is happening in neighboring countries. Hard working days, your radio is helping ordinary office manager to work out all week and on Friday evening when labor weekdays have been completed, your radio is helping to distract from the work. 

Sincerely and thank you for your work, Stanislav B. ~~ Krivoy Rog, Ukraine


I am 70 yrs old and have your station on almost every day, I feel like 16 again !  It puts me in a good mood all day long. How can I say thanks for not forgetting about REAL music? I was, and still am, an avid Doris Day fan so love your features on her & Connie Francis, both whom I have met and are wonderful people!  Also, I was a huge Bandstand fan, 
so it is great to hear all those old songs too. 

Thanks a million ~~ Connie in Minnesota


Below is a beautiful photo of Connie Francis artistically enhanced by Alie Smit in the Netherlands.  The poem is lovely and heart felt by Hans Kunzel also from the Netherlands.

Ode to Connie

One day it seems so long ago
I heard her on the radio
Just suddenly it caught my ear
That beautiful sound, so strong so clear

From that day on, I was her fan
I bought her records, one by one
I used to play them all day long
That voice...so wonderful, so strong

The time went by, we had our share
Happiness and sadness were there
We had our joy, we had our sorrow
No one will know what brings tomorrow

But there's one thing I know for sure
She'll always hit the top of the score
Her name may have faded from the charts
But she'll always be my Queen of Hearts

~~ Hans Kunzel ~~

Connie Francis

Dear Baltimore Net Radio, I listened again to your 3-hour Baltimore Broadcast on December 12th.  Your wonderful tribute to me warmed my heart, and I am so grateful to all of you.

Best Regards ~ Connie Francis


Hello BNR, It was again a great program this evening. You can do another country evening because there are many, many more.  I told you so...Connie can sing everything.

Alie Smith - Connie Francis

Thanks for this great program. 
Warm regards, Alie Smit ~~ The Netherlands

This is one of my favorite "Visits With Connie Francis" ever.  I'd forgotten how many fabulous country songs she's recorded.  Boy, this just reaffirms the fact that Connie Francis is the best.  I never tire of hearing her.  Thank you so much for this fantastic hour each week.  

Marcia ~~ Baltimore, MD


The Legendary Connie Francis is now an official tweeter...stop by to say Hello at https://twitter.com/1conniefrancis

Connie Francis on Twitter

This was taken at a concert, on Nov 2nd, 2008 in Easton PA in Connie's dressing room.

Pat James and Connie Francis 2008

Pat James and Connie Francis in Easton, PA. Nov. 2008

Thanks ~~ Pat James, London, Ontario Canada


Connie Francis - Star Among the Stars
Love the songs you played this evening.
Warm Regards ~~ Alie Smith, The Netherlands

Below is a photo that was taken at the Meet & Greet after the concert in Staten Island, NYC in April 2008. It was my first visit to the USA and NYC, and I loved every minute of it. Florida last year was also great...I hope to return soon.

Hans Kunzel and Sandra Casacalenda with Connie FrancisI

Hans Kunzel and Sandra Casacalenda with Connie Francis - 2008
Kindest regards ~~ Hans Kunzel, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


It is 8pm over here in the UK, and I have just spent 3 and a bit wonderful hours listening to the re-broadcast of the Johnny Mathis Valentine programme.  Thank you Keith, Diane, MaryAnne and all at Baltimore Net Radio for making it possible for me to hear this wonderful programme.  I was not able to listen to it on Valentine's Day, so was thrilled to hear it was being re-broadcast today.  Thank you for including my message to Johnny. 
It was everything I hoped it would be, and the song choices were just great - some less well known but beautiful songs which we don't usually hear broadcast.  All the lovely things you and Johnny's fans said about him were true, he really is a lovely and modest person.  I hope you will broadcast a tribute to Johnny on his birthday, 30th September.  Thank you so much again,

Molly Simmonds ~~ England


Oi, eu estou ouvindo Johnny Mathis - Valentine's Day Celebration rebroadcast. 
Está maravilhoso.

 Obrigada ~~ Graça Rodrigues


.I am, at this very moment, enjoying the re-broadcast of the Valentine's Day Tribute to Johnny Mathis - it is even better the second time around!!  Many, many thanks to the station for the re-broadcast!

Sue Lang ~~ Palm Springs, CA


Thanks for re-broadcasting Johnny's Valentine's Day Broadcast, it was wonderful! Keep his music playing over and over and over and over............

Nancy Nichols ~~ Virginia


Just a message to thank you for all you do to promote my all time favorite Ms. Connie Francis. I am a fan for more than 50 years and I had the pleasure to meet Connie two times and to see her perform live. She is a lovely and gracious lady and a fantastic artist. 

Kindest regards, Hans Kunzel ~~ The Netherlands


Thank you so much for the "Wonderful, Wonderful" Valentines Day broadcast. It was great to spend 3 hours in the company of Johnny Mathis. My phone call was the first of the day and then my email later. You have no idea what a surprise that was. 
To hear so many of the "older" songs was also such a treat. It is just about the best Radio program ever, with Johnny's interview and so many fans being able to express their love for him and his music.

Following is a photo of the BIGGEST hug that I received from Johnny in 1987!!!  Oh, how I wish I could give him an even BIGGER hug now.
Johnny Mathis and Carol Briers in 1987
Carol Briers and Johnny Mathis in 1987

Carol Briers ~~ UK


As another longtime fan (over 50 years!), I want to add my thanks and kudos for your wonderful Johnny Mathis Tribute Show - a perfect selection for Valentine's Day!  The song selections were excellent, the interview, the fans' tributes (even mine!) just fantastic!  Awesome! I am looking forward to the repeat. Thanks, again and congratulations to your excellent organization and for your customer appreciation!

Sue Lang and Johnny Mathis
Johnny Mathis and Sue Lang 

Sue Lang ~~ Palm Springs, CA


This was taken at Connie's most recent concert in Lancaster, PA on February 13, 2011.  Connie was looking so lovely as she was singing "Mama" in this photo.

Connie Francis - February 2011
Connie Francis - Feb 13, 2011


June Linden with Connie Francis February 13, 2011
June Linden with Connie Francis ~~ Lancaster, PA February 13, 2011

June Linden ~~ Baltimore, MD


Dear Baltimore Net Radio: Thanks for the wonderful program with Johnny Mathis on Valentine's Day!  I'm a Brazilian fan and to hear Johnny is the best thing in the world. Congratulations! You make us so happy!

Luiza Helena ~~ Brazil


Had to let you at Baltimore Net Radio how much I enjoyed your wonderful Valentine's Day tribute to the one and only Johnny Mathis. His music has been the soundtrack to my life. I've loved him for so long...and brainwashed my children to love him too! I was thrilled to have both my email and voice message featured in the show...thank you so much to everyone concerned with this marvelous production. Sending the very best of wishes from the UK to you all. 

Geraldine ~~ United Kingdom


Below is a photo of the Celebration of Friends Johnny Mathis Group.  We were
 celebrating his 75th birthday (belated) at Johnny's concert in Branson, Mo. November 12th  and 13th, 2010.  Johnny's sister Elizabeth Dodds joined us (middle, top row) 

Celebration of Friends Johnny Mathis Group
1st row L-RMelinda Barr (IL), Leslie Wootten (AZ), Janet Wootten (AZ), Armelle Bonnaime, Anik Bonnaime (from France),  Carol Washington (MI), Leon Washington (MI), John Henderson (FL)
2nd row  L-R:  Walter Woodruff (LA), Ione Ferrand (LA), Molly Simmonds (from England), Pat Shelton (IL), Mar Garrett (IL), Evelyn Browne (MI/AZ), Rhona Baird (NV), Sally Morris (IL), Eileen Woolard (MN), Peggy Henderson (FL)
3rd row L-R:  Jean-Marie Bonnaime (from France), Marquita Barr (IL), Eileen Zarowsky (AK),  Anna Larche (LA), Sue Lang (CA), Barbara Woodruff (LA), Willa Jefferson-Stokes (CA), Gail Johnson (NV), Elizabeth Douds (Johnny's sister/CA), Mary Jane Motl (NY), Linda Centofanti (PA), Bill Douds (Johnny's brother-in-law/CA), Eileen Buisson (England), Mickey Lang (CA), Sheri Lowery (IA), Mildred Jones (MO)

Dear Baltimore Net Radio
-- Thanks so much for this magnificent three-hour Valentine program featuring Johnny Mathis.  It is one of the greatest programs for or about Johnny Mathis ever...and I was in the audience for the taping of his 50th Anniversary Concert (NJ); for the taping of "Live By Request" (NY), for his concerts all over USA and two in England...this program was tops.  Again, thanks so much...you just don't know how inspiring and uplifting your program was, and the choice of songs you included were the utmost and all so appropriate for today. 

Congratulations to all who made this possible. ~~ Evelyn Browne, Mesa, Arizona


Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your interview with Johnny Mathis and the entire 3+ hours of Johnny's music. Thank you for making this a great Valentine's Day for us all.

Regards ~~ Sylvia Nolde, Lindenhurst, New York


OH MY what a fabulous 3 hours I have just enjoyed.  I have never heard a tribute to a star done with such class. Your staff is to be commended highly, so wonderful. It had just the right amount of songs by Johnny Mathis, although no amount of hours would be too much, and letters and emails being read, to the comments by your hosts. It was truly a time to be remembered.

Sharon Branson ~~ Central Lake, Michigan


Hello from Liverpool, England. I have just listened to your Johnny Mathis program and wanted to thank you SO much for a fantastic show. Thank you also for reading out my email message, it was a real thrill to think that you will be passing on a copy of the show to Johnny.

Ann Murray ~~ England


Congratulations for that wonderful program with Johnny Mathis!!! It's a great idea to have his fans express their love and admiration for Johnny with our telephone messages and e-mails. I sent my tel. message and it was read on air, which I really appreciate. Besides, that marvelous interview was awesome, just as he is!!!

I'm sure we agree that Johnny Mathis is a National Treasure to USA. Actually he is a Worldwide Treasure!! as well as a remarkable Human Being.

Maria Zapata ~~ Monterey, Mexico


I really enjoyed the Johnny Mathis program.  Loved the music and the interview and I thought all of the messages were really sweet.  My message was played in the last hour and I am thrilled that it was.  My husband and I have seen Johnny perform 34 times over the  years and are going to Cleveland in April.  I never tire of him and still get so excited when I am going to see him.  We have met him a few times and he is always so gracious.  Please thank everyone at the station.  It was such a treat. 

Patricia Z.


This was taken at the Old Time Country Music Awards in La Mars, Iowa.   I had a wonderful time and I spent about an hour visiting with her.  She is so nice and sweet, just like everything I had heard about her.

Marilyn Sutherland and Patti Page - Sept 4, 2010
Marilyn Sutherland and Patti Page - 2010


This photo was taken in 1971 at the New York City Waldorf Astoria Hotel suite before Johnny's show at the Empire Room.  This was 40 years ago and the
" highlight of my life."  

Helena Lueiro and Johnny Mathis 1971
Helena Lueiro and Johnny Mathis - 1971

Helena ~~ Florida


Thanks for the great hour, beautiful songs. What a voice...I enjoyed every minute of it.

"My Fans are the Best" Connie Francis

Warm regards ~~ Alie


Connie made a lot of beautiful songs. In my car I have 6 CDs with all of Connie's music.  After some time I make 6 new CD’s, sometimes I have a problem which to choose, but those which I love the best are always on it.

I have made this picture for your great station.
A Visit With Connie Francis on Baltimore Net Radio by Alie Smit
Warm regards Alie
~~The Netherlands


Thanks for this great broadcast "A Visit With Connie Francis".  What a breath of fresh air it is to hear so many of Connie's masterpieces aired instead of the usual hits broadcast by other radio stations.
  Love the program.

Eric Beesley with Connie Francis, Nov 2008 Rahway, NJ
Eric Beesley with Connie Francis Nov 2008 Rahway, NJ

Eric Beesley ~~  Isle of Man, British Isles.


This photo was taken in July 2010...I flew The Pond to see Mr. Mathis for two wonderful concerts in Pittsburgh...and was lucky enough to say "Hi" to this lovely gentleman and I was thrilled.

Geraldine Boots and Johnny Mathis - July 2010

Geraldine and Johnny Mathis

Geraldine Boots ~~ From "Across the Pond"


Baltimore Net Radio, this is such a great tribute to Connie. I know her and she is not only the most talented knowledgeable performer in the business but she is also the dearest, kindest big hearted person anyone would ever want to know and I am blessed. So to honor Connie, in any way and I can be a part of it, I am the one honored.
Thank you so so much for doing this for her, the audience and me.

Paulette Ostroski and Connie Francis
Paulette and Connie Francis

Paulette Ostroske ~~ New York, New York

That was the fastest hour ever, wow
!   You all did a fine job with "A Visit with Connie Francis...a great variety of songs by a great singer..
Marcia F. and Connie Francis

Marcia and Connie Francis in Las Vegas 2004
Thanks again, Marcia ~~ Maryland


This photo was taken in April 2008.
Here, Connie sings  “Hava Naguila”
Connie Francis 2008 - Photo furnished by Alie Smit
This was just great. Thank you for the great program tonight. 
Warm regards,  Alie Smit ~~ The Netherlands


A very special thank you  to everybody of the Baltimore Net Radio for
making the "A Visit With Connie Francis" Show possible!
What a great show broadcast it was!
Guenter Hein with Connie Francis - photo furnished by Guenter Hein
Guenter Hein ~~ Germany


Thank you for your beautiful Christmas show with Connie Francis. Connie's holiday and winter recordings really showcase her vocal powers and her Xmas album always starts the season in our house. She will always be No. 1 as a pop vocalist and she is a gracious lady who wears her talent unassumingly. My friends in Philadelphia are now also listening to your show. I really love Baltimore Net Radio. 

Merry Christmas ~~ Gabe


With this picture I will thank everyone on “Baltimore radio” for the great
“Connie“ programs.

Warm regards, Alie Smit ~~ The Netherlands


Thank you Baltimore Net Radio for this wonderful Connie Francis Tribute program.

Meindert Roemeling ~~ The Netherlands


Thank you so much for the birthday tributes to Brenda Lee and Connie Francis last weekend.  I do hope both will be re-broadcast, but especially Connie's, some time soon.  My friends who heard them said they were wonderful - as I did.
Thanks again and Happy Christmas ~~ Vivien R.


Thank you for a wonderful program!

Johnny D. ~~ Bayonne, NJ


I'm having such a good time listening to Connie's Birthday Tribute!  Wow, this is the best program I've ever listened to.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Connie Francis has been my idol since 1958....I do love her!  Thanks again for this fantastic tribute to a fantastic lady from a fanatic fan!

Marcia ~~ Maryland


I just want you to know that I listened to your live show featuring the music of Brenda Lee.  I've been a fan of hers since I first heard her sing, and a friend of hers for 50 years.  It was great of you all to do this tribute for all of us Brenda Lee friends and fans.  My highlight was when Brenda was on the phone.  She is the greatest and such a kind human being.  I feel honored to call her a friend.  Thanks again to all of you.

JoAnn Jones

My thanks to all of you for the wonderful tribute to Brenda Lee on her birthday. Thank you, also, for reading out my message. It was good to have a personal input to the program.

Best Wishes to you for Christmas & the New Year ~~ Peter Walters


Your recent broadcast to celebrate Connie Francis’s birthday was wonderful and I was thrilled to hear my congratulatory email mentioned. The selection of songs was excellently compiled and demonstrated her versatility to the fullest. Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved. Baltimore Net Radio has got themselves a lot of new listeners I’m sure, and it will be playing in the background while I’m on my computer in future.

George O'Reilly ~~ Liverpool. England


What a great program and what beautiful songs. I enjoy it so much. Thank you all for doing this for Connie.  The first song i ever heard from Connie was: My Happiness, I was 12 and I did not understand the words but I loved the song so much. My favorite is “Three Good Reasons.
Alie Smit and Connie Francis
Alie Smit and Connie Francis

Thank you ~~  Alie Smit, The Netherlands


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the fantastic radio show you and your team are doing. I can't call you by phone because our phone number is not made available officially and that's why I try to send you this message by e-mail. It's great to hear that you love the German song "MEINE REISE IST ZU ENDE" which does mean in English "MY JOURNEY HAS ENDED" and it was a very well accepted hit for Connie in Germany in 1966 and was recorded in June 1966 in Munich where Connie did her German TV-Special "MELODIEN DIE DIE WELT EROBERN" which again translated mean "MELODIES THAT CONQUERE THE WORLD".

Günter Hein - Germany


Boys and girls .....what a great program it is. I am stuck to my PC and enjoy it so much. I hear all those fans I know from the Connie email group , some I have seen at concerts, and the songs.......... What a blessing is the internet otherwise I never could have heard this beautiful tribute to the greatest singer of all times

Thank you All ~~ Alie Smit, The Netherlands


Thanking you and your colleagues for a great Connie celebration. 

Patrick Gualtiere and Connie Francis Nov 2008
Patrick Gualtiere and Connie Francis Nov 2008



Thank you, Thank you for doing this show for Connie. 
 It has really put a lump in my throat to know how many people love Connie.

 Thanks again regards, Heather Clark ~~ United Kingdom

Just wanted to thank you for the great tribute for Connie Francis.  I was very privileged to see Connie 6 times in concert over the years and meet her two years ago and spend time with her at her pizza party for her fans.  She is the most awesome woman, she made me feel so welcome and included. She's a great lady and has great respect and love for her fans as we do for her.
I had not heard of your internet station until Connie's tribute...It was a wonderful broadcast today. I will now visit much more often.

 Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon ~~ Pat James


Thank you to you and your great radio station for the wonderful tribute you gave Connie yesterday. It was the best program I have seen or heard about her. I was born in Budapest and was a foreign language teacher of French and Spanish for 44 years before retiring last year, so I especially appreciated all the foreign songs which you played. She is very gifted in conveying the songs feelings in their native languages and it is amazing how popular she was around the globe. By the way, do not feel guilty about your pronunciation of these titles. Everyone appreciated your sincerity. I will spread the fame of your station to friends and plan to tune in often. Have a wonderful Christmas and play Connie's hit recording, Baby's First Christmas as well as her recordings of Ave Maria and The Lord's Prayer. They were on her Christmas album and are some of her best! 

Best regards ~~ Gabe


I was just introduced to your station today.  What a thrill.  I'm already a big fan of yours and have sent an e-mail regarding your station to about a hundred people.  Thank you for playing "real music."  There's nothing today that comes close to the music of the 40's, 50's and early 60's.   I have found one person missing, however, and that's Jane Morgan...she had some huge hits in the early 50's.  I saw her several times at the old Painters Mill Music Fair in Owings Mills.  What a voice she had, and she was an ordinary friendly lady!  Thank you again for playing the true STARS of MUSIC.

Marcia F. -- Your Newest Fan


Thank you for all of the Doris Day music that you have  programmed on FredNet Radio. I am a real fan and it is impossible to find her music on the "radio". I especially enjoyed her birthday  special! Keep it coming, please!! Thank you!

Stacey L. Roig --  Baltimore,  MD


I listened to the Rock & Roll program. I thought it was wonderful. Beside the music, the background info was amazing. I also thought that your "sign-off" was almost lyrical poetry.


Dave King -- Raleigh, N.C


I'm loving your show about Doris Day. Unfortunately I wasn't fortunate enough to be around when Doris was making all those wonderful movies and songs (I'm only 36 years old ;-) ) but I've loved her for as long as I can remember and hearing about her career and all those wonderful songs, some of which I've never heard before is really a great listen. Before this show I didn't really know much about Doris apart from some of her more famous movies and songs so thank you for sharing this with us.

Linda Anderson


Just finished listening to your programme Sentimental Journey 1962 and was pleased that you featured the music from Billy Rose's Jumbo which is MY favourite Doris Day musical. She is so skilled in this film and I know did some of the action herself.

It is the longest Doris Day film, at just over 2 hours, and I read somewhere, which may or may not be true, that one of the reasons the film may not have been a box office success is that theatre owners in the UK decided it was too long, and, to shorten it, the songs were cut. Can you believe this?

Perhaps you might be able to find out the truth or otherwise of this.  Because the film was not a success it was rumored to have lost her the main part in "The Sound of Music".

You might be interested that Jumbo is being shown on national terrestrial TV in the UK around midday tomorrow,  September 27th, and is being transmitted in High Definition for those fortunate enough to have a suitable HD tuner.


Dan Cranefield -- UNITED KINGDOM


Just a quick note to thank you for the great tribute programs to Doris Day on FrednetRadio - we all appreciate it at the Doris Day Forum - and recommend it on the forum banner: http://www.dorisday.net/forum/
There have also many discussions about it and you'll see just a few here: 

But I also enjoy the station and listen in when I can while I'm working on my computer, Thanks again!

webmaster - www.dorisday.net


Mike, Thanks very much for today's show. Some great songs I had never heard before. This pre-rock music deserves to be rediscovered, or discovered by people like me who were born after those years.

Pedro -- France


Mike, What a delightful program. I heard it tonight and loved it. You are very good, great voice, and such interesting information about Doris Day. Thanks for the program. It brought back lots of jr high and high school memories.

Alice Bernstein -- Baltimore


I'm sitting in San Antonio, Texas and relaxing like I haven't in years.  It's amazing how peaceful music can be when listened to without enough Bass to create another aftershock in Haiti.  Those years and entertainers were really great. Voice and orchestra sure beats the hell out of synthesizers and technology - - just a voice, big mic, and a load of vacuum tubes and you have an era that I don't want to and can't forget.  Thanks for your hard work and all the fantastic memories. 


Howard  Glick -- Texas


Listened last night to what was truly a GREAT show....kept me entertained from start to finish.  Enjoyed the selections, particularly the ones I'd never heard like "Whole World Is Singing My Song" and "Dreams Are Getting Better."  Not only was I entertained but educated as well......did not know about "soundies" and didn't realize that they were "cover hits."   The big surprise for me was how much orchestration was on the recordings before the vocal but this was even before my time so I forgot how big the bands were then.  Your personal narratives made the program so rich and hope you will include more narrative.  For example, what brought a young six or seven into the audience to see her...did someone take you?....did you have any idea of who she was before?  etc.......Anxious to hear about your first date with Doris on the silver screen......please give us the where/when/how.......and KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

George -- Princeton, WV


Dear Mike and all on Radio!  I'm listening to Doris Day right now and enjoying it very much. I'm also recording the whole broadcast for listening more times and to  share it with the others, who can't do listen.  Thank you, this is really a magical journey with our beloved Doris.

Nada  -- Sloveni


Hi Mike, my name's Sylvia - Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I love your show on Doris. You have so many songs that I've never heard before - that's amazing!  I love Doris; she's my role model in every way. 

Thank you for the show about her!



Dear Keith and Mike,  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be properly introduced and explore Ms Day's music. Being in the target group of lady Gaga, I am thankful that you broadcast the music of a true Lady.

Christie -- A Greek fan.