PC, MAC and Internet Radio Receivers


myBNR Radio Primary IP:                                                                                                        

If you are using our webpage player you don't have to do anything!

All Platform Player

Our engineering department developed a  "All Platform HTML5-FLASH Player" that works on most of the Internet Browsers, both old and new and also most Smart phones. However, we realize some like to use their own favorite program or Internet Radio Receiver.

WinAmp Player Config:

Windows Media Player:

Real Player:    RealPlayer



We have developed new "Server Side Apps" for iPhone, iPad, Android and other phones that have been released in the last four years.  However, earlier phones seem to work . A positive is that you do not have to download any APP.     Here is all you do!

1.  In your Smart phone's browser just type our service portals. For this example we will use myBNR.com  for this tutorial.  So let's type "myBNR.com" on your Smart phone and GO!  You will receive the following:


Now, let's bookmark the page to your home screen

A.  Press Menu then select Bookmarks.
B.  Click Add Shortcut to home screen.  That's it!  You have just added an ICON and the myBNR Mobile Player.

Okay now press "Listen" and enjoy! 


ANDROID 4.2.2 and up.  If you notice a delay in audio after touching the play arrow on the myBNR player and you are using Chrome  make this easy adjustment:

This is fixed by using the Unified Media Pipeline in Chrome on Android.

To set this flag, go to chrome://flags, enable the unified media pipeline flag, and relaunch.



MyBNR.com operates with state of the art digital transmission facilities. Our digital stream employs the World Standard MP3 and our audio stream is compatible with direct Internet Radio Receivers,  iPhone, Android and other smart phones. Download the APP from your respected provider. Search Shoutcast  for myBNR, select and you are ready to take us anywhere.   If we are not listed enter the Primary IP listed above.

We have tested APPS and suggest the following just searching the name below:

Apple I-Phone and I-Pad      "TuneIn"      Free with ads

Droid Operating System       "TuneIn"      Free with ads

WBNR-DB is also available on other Internet Radio sites around the World. Just search "WBNR-DB myBNR".

[Installation Instructions]   

1.  Download the app and install.
2.  Start the app and select your country then "Search" and type in "myBNR" press GO or Search
3.  Press the Bar and you are all set. Make sure to save as a favorite!
4.  You are now ready to take us wherever you go 24/7.

[Below are questions and answers on issues posted by our listeners]

Q: Can I just enter your Primary Server IP address in my Smart Phone Browser
A: Yes but we suggest using our new Server Side Mobile Web Site that is listed above.

 WBNR-DB  -  myBNR

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